Our View: New Law Might Cause Privatization of Beaches

Little attention appears to have been offered to the death of the costs that would enable the state to privatize beaches. This was the line taken by Greens deputy, Charalambos Theopemptou, who highly opposed the costs authorized by the legislature last Friday.

An area of beach with a quay or docking area might now be classified as state land and as such, it might be offered or rented, stated Theopemptou.

In practice, any hotel owner, who had a quay or docking area, will now take ownership of the beach by reaching an arrangement with the federal government. The decision would be at the discretion of the interior minister, he alerted. And let us not forget 2 previous interior ministers wound up in jail for corruption.

The brand-new legislation may appear safe– a supposed effort to conquer some useful troubles in the management of the beaches– but thinking about the way things operate in Cyprus we can just fear the even worse. This is a case of unlocking to the ultimate production of personal beaches, not simply for hotels but also for designers, who would have the ability to charge substantial quantities of money for homes with a personal beach.

Throughout your home argument, one deputy stated the law would permit the development of fish farms, which appeared a strange indicate make thinking about such farms currently exist. Another deputy mentioned that the Limassol marina was personal, but still served the public interest, which is a reasonable point, but not a persuading argument in regard to the need of the brand-new legislation.

The lack of this legislation has not avoided the building of marinas. One is under building and construction in Ayia Napa, while others are prepared for Paralimni, Paphos, and Larnaca.

Keeping in mind existing legislation does not avoid the building of marinas or quays it is hard to understand the point of the brand-new laws unless the federal government has a program concerning personal beaches for hotels and advancements.

One deputy declared last Friday that the laws would serve narrow personal interests and it is challenging to disagree. It is also challenging to be the brand-new laws will not be abused by federal government eventually in the future because there is a history of beneficial treatment for choose people.

We can just reveal the hope that we do not ultimately follow the example of locations like Lebanon where the very best beaches are personal and regular people need to pay a fortune to be able to use them.